Our 2020 Vision

The SM 2020 Vision is a four-year plan to see the full implementation of the Simply Mobilizing Movement.

The SM 2020 Vision will focus on:

  1. Transitioning from the Kairos Course era to the Simply Mobilizing era
  2. Implementing all the main components of the Simply Mobilizing ministry – these being:
    •  New products (courses and programs) for local churches
    • Completion of the INTERFACE program for pastors and church leaders
    • The completion and implementation of the Tribe of Mobilizers program
  3. Developing our global regions to where they are growing the SM movement in the countries associated with their region
  4. Implementing the SM franchise in a significant number of countries and in all our global regions
  5. The full functionality of the SMI Center in the Philippines, in its two main components: as ‘International Office’ and ‘Service Provider’, with all departments in place and fully operational
  6. The SMI International Leadership model in place with all the global regions represented in that leadership

The completion of our SM 2020 Vision will be celebrated at our next International Conference in 2020.