Training Mobilizers

Mobi 101

Mobi 101 is a one-day seminar designed as an introduction to ‘general mobilization’ (also referred to as prophetic or Level 1 mobilization) that is the category of mobilization of Simply Mobilizing.

The seminar itself has three main sections. Section one looks at the missional basis of the Bible and therefore the need for mobilization. Section two looks at mobilization as prophetic and apostolic ministries to the Body of Christ and section three provides a practical exercise of discovery of ones calling to the ministry of mobilization.

Mobi Groups

Mobilizer Groups, or Mobi Groups, are designed to further the development of mobilizers into becoming fruitful in their mobilizing ministry. They are also designed to help grow the Tribe of Mobilizers. Anyone interested can be part of Mobi Groups.

School For Mobilizers

The SM ‘School for Mobilizers’ is currently being developed. It will be designed specifically for Level 1 mobilizers and provide ongoing, formal teaching for mobilizers in their mobilizing ministry. This formal teaching is designed for use in conjunction with the practical ministry experience of the mobilizer. Modules could be done together as a Mobi Group or online with other mobilizers.