Dear SM Family and Friends,

Life in quarantine has become the new normal for most of us around the world. How long this will continue is anyone’s guess. The challenge is not just to survive but to thrive. This season is just as much a God season as has been any other season of our life (Ecc 3:1)!

Mark 16:12 records Jesus appearing in a different form to two of his disciples while on their journey to Emmaus. Sadly, they never recognized him until the very end. In this season, Jesus is appearing to us all, but in a ‘different form.’ Have you recognized him yet?

For us at SMI, we have recognized that the Lord is wanting us to develop different platforms for the communication of our courses, trainings, etc. We have been hard at it, attempting to make this happen and are delighted with the preliminary results. However, we have so much of this journey yet to travel! Jesus is traveling with us—we have been so mindful of his presence and his many ‘conversations.’ Our hearts have been burning inside of us (Lk 24:32). It is tiring but we are enjoying this journey. Many of you have joined us and this has become our journey together.

Thank you for your courageous experimentations and feedback so we can all learn and grow together! We have opened a Facebook group called Simply Creative for our mobilizers to share their stories, questions and learnings. Please continue this journey with us. This is proving to be an important gamechanger in the life and times of Simply Mobilizing, and in our vision to see all God’s people living a life on mission with God.

Please also check out the short teaching sessions on The Story of the Bible ( These sessions look at the story of the Bible from a mobilizer’s perspective—that just might prove to be the correct perspective

Max W. Chismon

International Director
Simply Mobilizing