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Simply Mobilizing is all about seeing

every believer living a life on mission

with God, and every church a missional

church, facilitating God’s people into a

missional lifestyle.

a life on
mission with God

What We Do

Missional Churches

Encouraging Missional Churches in Today's World

Multiple Courses

Mobilizing All God's People on Mission with God

Empowering Mobilizers

Empowering Mobilizers in their God-Given Ministry

Our Courses

Program for church leaders

Courses for churches

Mobi Matters

As the world changes at a rapid pace and the way we do missions continues to evolve, how does the practice of mobilization evolve along with it? Read insights and reflections from our mobilizers.

First Online Global Development Consultation

— By     On the last week of July, more than 70 key SM leaders from 44 countries gathered to plan, strategize, pray, and celebrate God’s continuing grace on the movement, even amidst the COVID-19 situation. It also marked a milestone: it was the first of Simply Mobilizing’s Global Development Consultations (GDC) to be held online. Despite the challenge of gathering across different timezones, the GDC was a great time of meeting with one another and discussing the growth of


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Benjamin Cuyuca
Bianca Malbas
Karen Rose Acompañado

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