Growing Missional Churches in Today's World


INTERFACE is a Simply Mobilizing core program that focuses on the development of Missional Churches. It seeks to answer the question, “What does a ‘mobilized church’ or a ‘church on a mission with God’ look like?”

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Event. The first part of the Interface program is an interactive seminar (event) that looks at the theology and key components of what makes a local church missional. It is designed to be delivered in five (5) hours to groups of pastors, various levels of local church leadership, and even with an entire congregation.

Process. Following the seminar, the Interface program consists of consultations and activities (process) to help churches move towards the full expression of missional thinking and practice through an entire local church.


The Interface program explores Biblical, Historical, and Strategic areas of mission study — strongly emphasizing God’s overall purpose and plan for the world, the missional growth of the early Church, and what it means for us, His people, to be on mission with God today.

How do we run Interface?

INTERFACE is designed to accommodate existing denominational/church values, procedures and policies. INTERFACE will be conducted by selected and trained SM Mobilizers who have been especially trained. The program can also be run in person, or on an online platform.

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