Has Mission Come Full Circle?

Have we come full circle? Do we find ourselves, today, in a mission context very similar to that of Paul and the early Church?

Max Chismon

Interpreting Scripture in the Context of Mission

Scripture must be interpreted in the context of mission!

Max Chismon

Critical Issues: Defining ‘ MISSION ’ and Mission Terms

The word ‘mission’ has been defined both by theology and context. The context, for the pasttwo hundred years, has been the ‘modern missionary movement’ that began, developed andgrew during theColonial period of world history…

Max Chismon

The Things That MUST HAPPEN Before The Lord Will Return

Personally, I have never believed the second coming of Christ depended on the arrival of afixed date. That is not to say that God, in His infinite knowledge, doesn’t know the exact daywhen Jesuswill return (Ac 1:7)…

Max Chismon

The World Christian Movement – A Double Edged Sword

Who really benefits from the world Christian movement?…

Max Chismon


Benjamin Cuyuca
Bianca Malbas
Karen Rose Acompañado

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