#Mobijourney: Luke from Malaysia


Youth Kairos continues to be an effective tool in mobilizing the youth today. During a recent course in Malaysia, we were excited to hear how Youth Kairos has made an impact on 17-year old Luke Chiang, a member of the youth committee in his church. Below is his story of worldview change:

My name is Luke and I’m thankful that I had been given an opportunity to share my experience in Youth Kairos. In the short four days of our Youth Kairos camp, we learned lots of interesting stuff that has pushed us into a deeper understanding of the Bible. We’ve come to understand our mission on earth, that is, to preach the gospel to the lost through God’s wisdom and strength, thus establishing His Kingdom and His reign over us on Earth.

We can be an instrument of God simply by stepping out of our comfort zone and showing Christ’s love through our actions with our friends and families. To do this, we don’t have to perform an extraordinary deed. We can begin by simply asking them about their day and showing concern with them. Christ’s love can be shown and it’s by God’s grace that their heart will melt.

For me personally, I am not skilled with musical instruments, and I’m not a good leader so one may think it’s impossible for me to share the good news to the lost. But after attending Youth Kairos, I’ve learnt that God uses His people in whatever area. Now, I’m inviting people to join youth fellowship and sharing the good news with them. That is God’s gift for me, to be able to talk to strangers well. I’ve also learned that all of us can have an impact on mission history, even by using social media. We can make a short video explaining the gospel in an interesting way, as we are living in the cyber era and age of technology.

Let us all engage in The Mission wherever we are now to establish His Kingdom here on Earth.

Luke and friends at the course in Malaysia.