Mobilization – As a Journey

Mobilization is a journey, not an event.


Seminars, courses and other mobilization programs are the events. The journey into active and fruitful participation in the world Christian movement is a journey that demands many ‘events’  and a lot of personal processing of what these events provide, in the form of new information and challenges.

Such a journey is often long and arduous, fraught with obstacles that could at any time derail the believer from the journey! Because of this, the starting point and foundation for every  believer  and upon which the mobilizer must build, is the foundation  of a biblical worldview!

This is level one mobilization! To move to the advanced levels of specialization, ministry training and placement, without level one firmly in place, is a sure recipe for ‘mobilization frustration’.

Unfortunately, the mobilizer seldom, if ever, has the luxury  of writing a biblical worldview on a ‘blank slate’! By the time a believer is sitting in a course facilitated by a mobilizer his or her heart and mind is already well written on, often with anything but a truly biblical worldview.

As most people come to Christ because of a need and Jesus graciously meets that need, it is not surprising that most new  believers  develop  a  perception that this new life in Christ is very  much about Christ  meeting their  needs! Unfortunately, the very  place where this perception is supposed to get shaped into sacrificial service in Christ’s Kingdom, in appreciation for all that Jesus has done, seldom does. Some local churches even fuel the growth of this very self-centered perception! The result is frequently an obsession with ones ‘own story’ and seldom with ‘God’s Story’.

Events such as the Kairos Course and Perspectives are courses proven to challenge and reshape worldview! God’s instruction to Jeremiah is very pertinent here “See, today I appoint you over nations and kingdoms to uproot and tear down, to destroy  and overthrow, to build and to plant” (Jer 1:10).

These courses, mentioned above, when conducted well by prayerful facilitators and coordinators ‘erase the slate’ and write a new and a biblical  worldview  on the hearts and minds of God’s people. It is here that facilitators and coordinators function as prophets and should  in no way be apologetic with the challenges to one’s life these courses present! Unless a biblical worldview is formed, the best agency presentations  and the most powerful motivational  speakers will find only short lived responses to their efforts!

It is my hope that courses such as the Kairos Course and Perspectives will find their way into churches and  become  part of a local church’s discipleship  program. In the Philippines we have some 77,000 local churches scattered throughout this Archipelago representing some 10 million believers. We have a hope and we are working towards seeing all 77,000 churches embrace Kairos as a standard course in their discipleship program.

A well-known Chinese proverb says, ‘the longest journey begins  with a single step’. In the ‘cold war’ days when China was economically depressed under Mao’s dictatorship, Singapore was experiencing remarkable economic growth and development. The Chinese of Singapore, commenting on the contrasting state of the two countries added an additional twist to that proverb, ‘you have to make sure that the first  step you take  is in the right direction’: Mobilization is exactly the same – it is a journey, for sure, but heading out in the right direction, having first lain that all important foundation, will determine the success or otherwise of the journey.

Level two mobilization of specialization, agency involvement and specific trainings will follow without much difficulty, if the foundation is first laid It is my dream that all these amazing agencies we have in the Philippines will have people queuing up outside their doors eager to participate and become involved and with the intention of continuing the journey into level three Mobilization – field ministry.

When I think of the formation of the ‘Tribe of Mobilizers’ it is this ‘level one’ mobilization with which I am most concerned. It  is the most  neglected  when we consider the scope of what needs to be done to mobilize the Body of Christ globally, in all countries and all languages where Christ followers exist. It is the key to unlocking the potential of this generation to selfless service in the world Christian movement – the most important movement of each and every generation and will be so until the Lord returns!

God calls, Jesus appoints, the Holy Spirit anoints – but we equip! This responsibility has been given to us – it is the Church that has been given the responsibility to prepare God’s people for works of service.

Mobilizers – “Take heed to the ministry which you have received in the Lord, that you may fulfill it” (Col 4:17).