The Youth KAIROS (YK) course is a guided learning experience, specifically designed to help young people discover how they can be part of the World Christian Movement.


YK provides an overview of the biblical, historical, cultural and strategic aspect of mission study and encourages reflection on how these might relate to everyday life. It is designed for young discipled Christians, aged 16 to 20 years old:

  • A kingdom-influenced perspective on life
  • A well-defined passion that is anchored on Biblical truth
  • An openness to receive seeds of vision for future ministires kingdom contribution
  • An appreciation for and commitment to work with the Body of Christ
  • A greater hunger for God and ‘God encounters’
  • An understanding of God’s mission and how they fit into it
  • A desire to discover and use their gifts and skills
  • An appreciation for what people throughout mission history have done and a desire to be part of ‘The Story’
  • A practical plan to help integrate kingdom values into daily living


YK is facilitated course, ideally run over three and a half days (through the sessions can be distributed over more days) in a youth group or campus ministry setting as part of a discipleship program. It comes with readings, devotions, inspiring videos, small group discussions and exciting interactive activities.





Benjamin Cuyuca
Bianca Malbas
Karen Rose Acompañado

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