What People Are Saying

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“Kairos is a very timely wake up call to the churches who are responsible to do the task as an agent of His redemptive plan. This is a highly recommended course most especially to the potential missionaries, OFW’s & church workers to re-ignite their passions to win souls and making disciples on a global sense.”

Kairos Participant, Philippines

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“…I am encouraged/blessed that I can serve where God has placed me–that there is no separation between the sacred and the secular.”

ETI Participant, Philippines

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“Although I’ve considered myself a serious Christian I realise I was very selfish and was just using my faith to get a better life, now I realise I’m saved to live for God!”

“I had chosen to study psychiatry because I was thinking of the money I’d earn, but now I’m thinking about what course God would have me do so I can extend His kingdom.”

Youth Kairos Participant, Australia

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“I am glad I came to the course. It has made me realize my potential as a youth, what we can do as a young person—not necessarily having money or bank accounts—but in our own small way, what we can do to be a blessing!”

Youth Kairos Delegate - Ghana

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“I came away with a greater understanding of God’s plan for His creation, Christ’s purpose for coming back and for my purpose in reaching others with the good news. It solidifies the reasons I’m here.”

Kairos - Graduate