Beyond Jesus’ First Coming: Mobilizing for His Return

This year, our International Conference was a very special celebration of what God has done all over the world through the ministry of mobilization. I recall arriving at the 2008 conference with one question: how might we introduce the Kairos course to Venezuela? In stark contrast, I arrived at this year’s conference thanking God for the amazing contingent of Latin American mobilizers which God has raised up in the intervening fifteen years. I also arrived at this year’s conference thanking God for the growing sense that we really are part of an amazing international movement of mobilizing churches all over the world.

Our 2020 conference needed to be postponed with the onslaught of Covid. As international borders reopened, we were able to resume plans for our next international conference – building on and developing many of our original ideas. We engaged in an exhaustive year of planning and hard work with much prayer and sacrifice. The timing of the conference was right, with so many mobilizers having caught a glimpse of what God was doing and having worked with Him in vital preparations for the conference. Through our decision-making processes, our fund-raising efforts and our prayer portal, hundreds of mobilizers had contributed to the success of the conference well before our opening night in Thailand. Over our conference week (September), it warmed my heart to be a part of such a great ministry, and I am sure that others felt the same.


As 2023 draws to a close, we are focused on another great event, which well-and-truly eclipses the greatness of our conference. The coming of Jesus into this world was a pivotal part in the plan which God had envisaged before the creation of the world. Though seemingly thwarted by the fall of mankind (Genesis 3), God had already incorporated our need for salvation into His plan. When the time was right, the momentous event came into being and God entered this world in human form. The timing was right, with so many ordinary humans having caught a glimpse of what God was doing, and having worked with Him in vital preparations before Jesus’ birth.


As significant as the first coming of Jesus was, God has planned yet more significant events which Christ’s first coming has made possible. In keeping with his promise, we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, where righteousness dwells” (2 Peter 3:13). His plan includes the second coming of Jesus and the opportunity to share in His rule of righteousness. As mobilizers, we have the tremendous privilege of working with God in the maturing of His bride (the Church), by encouraging others to be involved – this is the essence of mobilization.
As we reflect on this festive season, may we also recall that Jesus’ birth was an essential key event in God’s much bigger plan and purpose, of which He has invited us to work with Him.
May God continue to use you all as we work with Him in this important ministry of mobilization.

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