Coordinators Training in South Asia

Over the years, as Simply Mobilizing has developed, we have learnt so much from our successes and failures. Much of this learning is now reflected in our Operations Manuals. Our Coordinators Training (now called Franchise Training) has been designed to help coordination teams in firstly, understanding the valued learning reflected in our Operations Manuals, and secondly, applying such learning to their specific context. We have ascertained that our Global Region Teams (GRTs) are the best teams to replicate this training for countries in their region. To make this a reality, we have developed a Training of Trainers (ToT) program for Franchise Training.

The training was developed last year and then trialled in East Asia (September), North America (November), MENA (February & March), West Africa (March) and this month in South Asia. Each of these trials have contributed to the next round of training being even better.

As key leaders from Nepal and Sri Lanka reflected on this recent training, they commented that it helped them to understand the Operations Manuals and many principles behind building a mobilization movement in each country.



Here are some of their comments:

“It helps sharpen my understanding of Simply Mobilizing and that we are not just running courses.”

“It was so valuable, although very challenging for a culture so accustomed to taking shortcuts.”

“It gave me a big picture understanding, and the guiding principles will help us to advance.”

“It has felt like adding the oil to a lamp.”

“It has helped me to appreciate even the small steps that we are taking to move forward.”

“Despite the challenge, the Trainer Guide helped, and I learnt so much as I prepared for the dry run.”

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