Empowered to Influence Captivates Large Audiences

Beginning January, the Empowered to Influence (ETI) courses in the Philippines witnessed remarkable progress, reflecting a growing enthusiasm for transformative growth within communities. At Hilongos Fundamental Baptist Church, this course drew in 91 eager participants. Additionally, two online ETI courses engaged pastors and leaders from other provinces. Ken Chua, the developer of ETI, offered invaluable encouragement and guidance during closing sessions, his presence serving to inspire and uplift participants.

Furthermore, the impact of ETI extended beyond the borders of the Philippines, as an online course was conducted for the Alliance World Fellowship Women leaders. Spanning from January 13 to February 10, this course brought together 51 participants from over ten countries, including Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia, the USA, and several Latin American countries. This global gathering showcased the universality of ETI’s principles and the collective desire for growth and empowerment among women leaders worldwide.


Testimonials from participants echoed their experiences through ETI:

Mercy Gumba highlighted a shift in perspective, moving from viewing worship as mere events to embracing it as a continual lifestyle, infused with reverence and devotion.

Another participant recognized the sacred nature of work, understanding it as an act of worship when dedicated to the Lord, thereby infusing everyday tasks with purpose and meaning.

The courses ignited enthusiasm and a heightened sense of responsibility among participants, inspiring them to share ETI perspectives within their respective churches. This ripple effect, starting with leaders and extending to members, promises to catalyze positive change and foster a culture of empowerment and influence within congregations.

As the ETI courses continue to empower individuals and communities, let us continue to pray that the vision of ETI will be realized: to equip and empower individuals to become agents of positive change in their spheres of influence, ultimately shaping a brighter future for communities worldwide.

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