From Boras to the Balkans

Last January, Mika Kosonen, SM Europe Global Region Coordinator and National Coordinator for Sweden, successfully launched the inaugural The Unfinished Story for Youth (TUSfY) with the enthusiastic participation of 17 attendees aged 13 to 25 in Borås. Among them were youth pastors, leaders, students, and teenagers representing various regions including Umeå, Eskilstuna, Gothenburg, Borås, as well as members from the Norska Pentecostal Movement and YWAM Norway. The event proved to be profoundly inspiring, as attendees were both moved and challenged by God’s mission through engaging teaching videos, interactive activities, and heartfelt prayers for the global community.

Feedback from participants resonated with appreciation and enthusiasm for the course. Descriptions such as “A great introduction to mission in 2024” and “Great tool for youth who want to grow in Jesus” were shared, emphasizing the course’s ability to ignite passion within the hearts of attendees and equip them with the necessary foundations and tools for their spiritual journey. Participants also underscored the course’s importance in recognizing the integral role of young people in mission, providing a platform for exploration and empowerment.


Building upon the success of the event, it has been decided to translate the course material into Swedish following the overwhelmingly positive response. The aim is to have all materials finalized and available for upcoming summer conferences and camps. Notably, prominent Swedish youth pastors and leaders will be featured in the instructional videos, further enhancing the accessibility and relevance of the content. The vision is clear: to cultivate a new generation of young people committed to be on mission with God in Sweden, Norway, and beyond.


Following the TUSfY launch, Mika went on to travel to Kosovo and Albania in the early weeks of February to conduct Kairos courses and the Interface Seminar. Reflecting on his journey, Mika was deeply moved by the encounters with fellow Christians who have persevered amidst challenging circumstances, especially in these countries that have a limited Christian presence. Their stories of forgiveness, renewed hope, and devotion to Jesus serve as a testament to the transformative power of faith. Witnessing people from all ages in these countries wholeheartedly embracing their roles as disciples of Jesus has been truly inspiring. Their unwavering dedication to serving and loving others reflects a profound commitment to the Gospel.

Mika comments, ‘I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to serve alongside passionate believers in advancing God’s kingdom.’
Together, let us continue to uplift Sweden, Kosovo, Albania, and the broader Balkan region in prayer, believing for a revival of faith and the proliferation of missional living among God’s people.

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