Insights and Inspiration from the 2023 Simply Mobilizing International Conference – Part One


The SM Conference 2023 has been such a time of refreshing for me personally. There was a sense of growth and “globalness” (of being a part of something so much bigger than what we ever imagined possible). Having people together from 62 countries, all from different cultures and languages, and yet all speaking the same “mobiology” language, was really significant and amazing! There was an incredible sense of belonging to a unique global tribe!

I was especially encouraged to keep on mobilizing, even when the fruit and the results are not that obvious or visible. For me, personally, the highlight of the conference was Linda Harding’s exhortation to renewed commitment in our task as mobilizers. I realized that a lack of results in so many areas of our mobilization in Eurasia, which have caused me to get busy with a lot of other good ministry, became a distraction from my call to prophetic mobilization. I so clearly heard again the voice of the Lord, through Linda and through the voice of the prophet Ezekiel, reminding me of the importance of our task as mobilizers.

This conference stood out to me as the best one SM has ever had, simply because I heard Jesus spoke so clearly through so many different mobilizers in every session, reminding all of us not only of the immensity of our task, but also the urgency, the necessity, the cost and the incredible importance of it all – we have to make Level 1 mobilization a priority; it cannot be an optional extra!! This is the movement I am giving my life to, for the glory of Jesus! – by Marinda Coetzee


Hello, I’m Marinda from South Africa! I am one of the two SM Global Region Coordinators of Eurasia and one of the executive directors of CrossMinistries, a ministry focused on mobilizing and training church leaders and young people to find their role in God’s mission locally and globally. I am an ordained pastor, with a doctorate degree in theology.


I came to Thailand with the hope of catching up with old friends from all over the world as well as meeting fellow mobilizers. I was also looking forward to hearing and seeing how God has been working around the globe.

My expectations were met above and beyond what I had imagined. Prior to the conference, I had the opportunity to work alongside old and new friends to launch The Unfinished Story for Youth (TUSfY). This newest product from Simply Mobilizing was very well received by all involved.

Then it was conference time. I had goosebumps walking into the hall on opening night. Looking around the massive room and seeing so many like-minded brothers and sisters all worshiping God as one body was inspiring. Getting to hear about how each region has been growing was so encouraging. My personal application from the week was that I am a mobilizer. God used people at the conference to reaffirm to me the calling God put on my heart back in 2016.
– by Segana Gunton


Hello, I’m Segana from Australia, serving as an SM Youth Mobilizer representing Oceania. My involvement with Simply Mobilizing started in 2009 when, at 10 years old, I participated in Venezuela’s 2nd Kairos Course. Since then, my journey has led me to facilitate various YK courses, both in person and online, across different countries, including Australia, the USA, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Papua New Guinea.


I had the privilege of attending the SMI Africa Conference in Accra in 2016, soon after joining the movement in February of that year, and the first West Africa Global Region conference in Nigeria in 2019. Both conferences had a positive impact on me, enabling me to connect to the big SM family.

The SM International Conference 2023 in Chiang Mai, Thailand is by far my best experience. What struck me first was the organization before and during the conference. Various teams worked on various aspects. I was in one such committee and enjoyed the openness, friendliness, cooperation and support of fellow team members. I also liked the fact that we were all housed in one hotel and did everything there. This made for easy interaction and maximum use of time. I really enjoyed the warm fellowship with brethren from different continents and background. The logistical and technical support and hospitality services were of a high standard. The music and worship sessions were also uplifting.

Another highlight for me were the testimonies of selected mobilizers about their journey in mobilization. These, coupled with the global regional reports, really gave me much encouragement and depicted in a very powerful way that God is indeed on mission with his people, and we are not alone on this journey.

Another highlight are the testimonies of Pastors Edgar & Keith on effectively using SMI tools in the local church. I am encouraged to do more mobilization of my local church with the SM tools. May the Lord continue to bless the movement, the leadership team and the entire global SM family. – by Edmund Tawiah


Hello, I’m Edmund from Ghana! I am the New Nations Coordinator of Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Togo, Benin and Gabon, even as I serve as a member of the National Coordination Team of Ghana. I virtually serve anywhere in Africa where a French HF capable of helping establish SM is needed because I studied French for missions. I am also a senior pastor with the Assemblies of God, Ghana, married, with 2 adult children.


It was wonderful to participate in the SM Conference in Chiang Mai. To be together with the same-minded people from different parts of the world, to worship and pray together, was like a foretaste of heaven. It didn’t matter what is your country, colour, age or culture – we were united together as One Tribe, the tribe of mobilizers with one passion. We understand that God is on mission and we are on mission with Him, until all the nations, tribes and languages of the world are reached by the Gospel and will bring worship to one and only God.

Besides worship and fellowship, the highlight for me was to listen to Max Chismon and learn more about the SM Movement. As my Tanzanian colleague, Julius Rukyaa put it, “it was an eyeopening experience to get the big picture of this movement that we are privileged to be part of”. In Tanzania, we have only the Kairos-course translated to the local language, but now we are inspired to introduce the short courses and start translating them to Swahili. All in all, participating the Conference was the highlight of my Fall 2023. May the Lord bless all who helped to put together the Conference. May the Lord bless SM Movement for His glory! – by Paivi Tuokkola


Hello, my name is Paivi. I am a Finnish missionary serving in Tanzania. Together with my late husband, we worked in Tanzania and Ethiopia as Bible teachers and trainers, working mainly in remote areas to equip local evangelists to plant the churches and to care for the existing ones. After my husband passed, I went back to Tanzania to work with the recently launched Simply Mobilizing ministry in Tanzania, and I am serving now as part of the National Coordination Team. I have two adult sons and six grandchildren, living in Finland and Canada.

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