Kairos brings Healing to War Refugees

This April, we facilitated a Kairos class in western Ukraine for war refugees. These people had escaped from Kharkov and Mariupol, places of terrible fighting, destruction, and danger. Kairos focuses on God’s good and unstoppable plan to reach the nations with the Gospel and emphasizes reaching unreached people groups.

Interestingly, Kairos was a wonderful form of healing and therapy for these refugees. Tracing God’s powerful hand working all through history to spread the glory of the Gospel through all the earth inspires and comforts. Even this war is not randomly evil nor unredeemable. God is fulfilling His purposes to spread the Good News of His Son throughout the earth.

About the Author

Vitaliy Sokol is a Head Facilitator of Kairos in Ukraine. He is one of the participants of the first ever Kairos course conducted in Ukraine and has been facilitating Kairos classes for over 10 years. Vitaliy’s wife and two children also attended Kairos. This summer, Vitaliy’s family will be moving to the Philippines as missionaries so his wife can study to be a midwife in a missions school and birth clinic and then use midwifery as a way to reach people groups with the Gospel.

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