Looking Back on 2020: Insights and Encouragements for Mobilizers Pt. 2


Daniel, Global Region Coordinator (West Africa)

It has been a challenging year due to the uniqueness of our terrain. Some of the countries in our region are experiencing political instability in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. For others, it’s terrorism, and economic hardship.

This year, we connected more through online meetings. It is not the traditional way; we are used to meeting in person. It challenged us to step up our game of learning new things about the use of social media. Majority of the mobilizers are older pastors born before the age of computers ,so we are not so used to doing online stuff!

I have learned during this time that though we are often not faithful, God is. He takes care of His people and provides supernaturally. We could trust and rely more on God. I’ve also observed that everyone could do more than we have been doing. The Church could also achieve much if we connect—God has blessed the body with different unique gifts that need sharing for the blessing and building of all God’s people.

What encouragement would you give other mobilizers as we move into 2021?

The tribe of mobilizers needs to connect and learn from each other. We pray for our ministry to call back the Church to the heart of the Father (the mission of God)

Joel, Global Region Coordinator (MENA)

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in big challenges to our mobilization ministries in every arena of our life. Year 2020 has also been a huge transition for me because I relocated from Egypt to Turkey. Since we cannot stop mobilization ministries, we have kept on looking for possibilities.

One of them is pursuing online courses to reach out different perspectives of various locations. We recognized the importance of IT capabilities. It affected the paradigms we had of the spans of our mobilization ministries, and gave us a new spectrum of creative approaches to reach out to the field. We can connect with a much wider spectrum of partnerships, participants, trainers, sharing resources together, compared to when we didn’t have the challenges from the pandemic. This trend cannot be returned even if the pandemic ceases.

What encouragement would you give other mobilizers as we move into 2021?

We learned that God is not limited, we are, so we are not discouraged or disappointed because of our limitation created by the pandemic. Sometimes we are so fragile, easy to be discouraged. But our God is faithful as long as we trust in Him. Calling is not changed, but we should modify and transform ourselves to execute our callings from God to be effective in His ministries.

It is so exciting to see how God moves to guide us to the new frontier. Let’s not be discouraged and don’t be dismayed—not because we don’t have any problems, but because our faithful God and His messages should be more brighter and clearer than ever before. Blessings!

Marinda and Erika, Global Region Coordinators (Eurasia)

Year 2020 started as a busy year, with many courses on the agenda. Then came the pandemic, and all our Eurasia courses were postponed because of the restrictions and “lock-down” rules. Most mobilization efforts in our region came to a slow halt, as everyone was trying to figure out what was happening and why.

As time progressed, the “why” questions diminished and the teams started to focus on “what” it is that the Lord wanted us to do in the midst of so many restrictions. The Lord reminded us all that He never stops working! In the midst of the pandemic, He started to show our teams creative ways to continue the work of mobilization. We started to present courses online and train teams online. Everyone was encouraged to see that even using a different vehicle of delivering our mobilization courses, it still had a powerful impact on people’s lives.

 It was great seeing how the teams came together to brainstorm and figure out creative ways to present courses or solve problems. They truly came together as teams and worked together in ways they never have before. Their creativity was amazing!

As the teams in Eurasia worked together more closely within our region, and also joining hands with teams in the Europe region, we saw that the value of partnership increased. They are committed to learn together, and from one another, to become even more effective in their mobilization efforts. They are joining hands with so many more churches and church denominations, and even mission organizations in Eurasia, effectively displaying the key role of prophetic mobilization and the benefits this ministry has for the church, and also for mission organizations.

What encouragement would you give other mobilizers as we move into 2021?  

We believe that God’s word for Mobilizers in this season is to ENLARGE our vision, our strategy and our capacity, and be ready for the great things God wants do in our day, in this season! It is easy to make an idol of routine, to find security within the boundaries we build around our lives and the way we do ministry. So in this season of Change we feel that God is challenging us as mobilizers to step out of our comfort zone and to ENLARGE!

  1. We need to SEE WIDER.

2 Kings 6: 13–17Elisha prayed, and his servant’s eyes were opened to SEE MORE! As Mobilizers we must see the new opportunities God gives us in this season: online mobilization courses; small group mobilization (gather friends and small groups of people in our homes for mobilization); and one-on-one mobilization.

  1. We need to GO FASTER.

Focus and priority increase speed! Nehemiah finished rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem in just 52 days because he was focused. (Neh. 6:15) It was a priority. They were eager to work and stopped at nothing. (Neh. 4: 6, 15) They did not take their clothes off when they were resting at night. (Neh. 4: 21-23) They were ready at all times, and kept working with all their might. As mobilizers, we need to focus, we must prioritize mobilization! Mobilization should not play second fiddle, something we do when we have time, because the sleeping giant needs great mobilization efforts!

  1. We must be able and willing to CHANGE DIRECTION QUICKLY.

Paul changed strategies quickly when he ministered in the New Testament churches (1 Cor. 9:20). As mobilizers, we need to be ready to change our strategies in changing times. If we want new results, we need to do things differently! Perhaps we are used to doing things in a certain way, but changing times ask for changing strategies!

Think of ways you can target people online, or target people in small groups in your home, or individuals (e.g. doing Interface with one person or two people).  It is very difficult for a big boat like the Titanic to change direction; it cannot be done fast, it needs time to turn. (And we know the result of that!) Well, let us not be the Titanic. Let us change quickly! 

  1. We need to GROW WHEN UNDER WATER.

In this time of many changes and challenges, and perhaps feeling overwhelmed by the impact of the global pandemic, we need to consider in what areas the Lord wants us to grow as mobilizers. We have wonderful tools as mobilizers, courses and seminars that we can present to mobilize the sleeping giant!

But it is good to ask, am I able to communicate this message to people one-on-one? Is this message flowing through my conversations and my lifestyle as a mobilizer? How can I be a better communicator of the message of SM?

The Great Commission needs Great Mobilization, and the Great Mobilization needs Great Communicators! Let us determine to sharpen our skills as mobilizers as we move forward


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