#Mobijourney: Noemi from Brazil


#MobiJourney features testimonies and stories of those who have taken an SM course, have been impacted by it and resolved to go on mission with God. 

Noemi was just 15 years old when she took the Kairos course and it changed her life. From then on, she has continued to journey forward in embracing God’s call in her life. Today, she is very much involved in mobilizing others to also be on mission with God.



The Kairos course first arrived in Brazil through the efforts of Duncan and Jan Weir in 2007. The course has gone on impacting the lives of hundreds of Christians there like Noemi, transforming their worldview into understanding that all believers are called to go on mission with God.

The Kairos course 4th edition is now available in Portuguese. And so is the the Youth Kairos which Noemi worked on translating. Since 2014, six new courses have been launched as tools for mission mobilization in Brazil.

This year, Noemi is stepping forward in faith, taking on a bigger role in mobilizing God’s people into His mission. Her eyes are set on establishing the Simply Mobilizing office in Brazil. She felt led by the Lord to work full-time with mobilization and to focus on mobilizing the church in Brazil through the SM courses and programs.

The establishment of a national office is essential in the growth and expansion of mobilization in Brazil.  With the SM national office there, Noemi will be able to focus on the translation of SM courses and programs into Portuguese, training and mentoring of facilitators and mobilizers, establishing the national coordination team (which is currently in an embryonic state), organizing national conferences and events, doing follow-up and support for national expansion, giving support and active contribution in the Latin America regional team and with the international youth mobilization team and doing resource management and team communication (providing materials, royalties, e-mails, website and social network promotion).

To support Noemi and the establishment of the SM national office in Brazil, SMI invites you to prayerfully consider giving towards her 700 USD monthly support to cover her personal and ministry expenses. We look forward to your partnership so that the mobilization of God’s people in Brazil may continue to flourish for the glory of God!

UPDATE: Noemi has recently organized the 1st SM National Conference in Brazil. You can find photos of the event on the Simply Mobilizing Brasil Facebook Page. More details about the Conference will be published on our next website update.

Noemi has  raised 10% of her monthly support. Be part of completing her target!


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