On Trial: New Translation Trainings

The task of translating SM products and programs is an integral part of our continued mobilization in many countries. Due to the hard work of translation teams (mostly volunteers) around the world, multiple courses and programs are now available in 36 languages. Over the past couple of years, some of our Translation Coordinators (TCs) have been meeting to learn from each other’s successes, failures and challenges. Our desire has been to move forward together, mapping a way to better equip and support future translation teams.

In the course of these gatherings, a workgroup was formed to oversee the development of appropriate training for translation teams. This collaboration has resulted in a plan for the development of five different types of training related to translation. Over the past year, two training modules were developed:
• a foundational module for anyone involved in a translation project
• a franchise module for anyone overseeing a translation project

Trials for both modules began in July, and the modules are being refined based on the great feedback. Special attention is being directed to ensure that the training is relevant to the team or individual being trained, and at the same time is not excessive. As these modules continue to be trialled and refined, we hope and pray that teams will be more aware of what they are committing themselves to, and that Translation Coordinators will be better equipped to serve and support their translation teams.

Please pray for the continued development of relevant training modules for our translation teams. Pray that as SM products and programs are available in other languages that they will be used well, and directly speak to the hearts of men and women whom God desires to mobilize into being on mission with Him.

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