Shifts in the Lens: Stories from Online Kairos in Malaysia


One of the strengths of the Kairos course is that it shifts our perspective and worldview on mission, and the way God uses His people to bless the nations around the world. The Kairos team in Malaysia ran a Kairos course online this year, and these are just two of the wonderful ways that God has shifted participants’ during the course:


Shalini’s Story: A new perspective on going cross-culture

Hi I’m Shalini Evangeline from Malaysia. I am working as a teacher at El Shaddai Refugee Learning Centre. Apart from being a teacher, I’m a full time missionary in my workplace.

At present I’m reaching out to 10 different nations which includes people from  South East Asian countries, and many more. I strongly believed this is what God called me to do, and it’s fulfilling and satisfying. Talking about God & teaching about God to the students makes me so happy.

Before joining the online Kairos, I wasn’t sure about cross-cultural missions. It was a challenge to understand other cultures and traditions. But after the online Kairos, I learnt more about crossing cultures and how to reach out to people from other cultures. Kairos has changed my worldview through realizing that I can bring the church to the community. I am God’s plan A to witness among the nations, and God is using me for His ministry. 

Kairos has encouraged me to reach out especially to unreached peoples. If we don’ t reach them who is going to share the gospel with them? The online Kairos has also made me understand that we can do missions in different ways, that we need to have a strategy, lots of prayer and a focused goal. 

I highly recommend people to do this course to help give them a better way of doing missions. It’s good for both new and long-time missionaries to get a great perspective.


Cassie’s Story: A reframing of worldview

My name is Cassie. I am involved in a refugee and migrant ministry in Malaysia. I am passionate about seeing life transformation happen among the children and youth I work with.

I would say that I had a narrow view about mission in general, and about cross-cultural outreach. Growing up in a multicultural nation, I thought I naturally would have no problem relating to people from different cultures, but this course highlighted issues that I didn’t notice before.

The Kairos has reframed my worldview, I learn to look at current events, political and social issues through the lens of God’s Kingdom and purpose- that ultimately all things happen so that the Kingdom of God will be advanced to the end of the earth. I was also stirred and challenged to expect greater revival to break out, not merely be satisfied but occasional signs and miracles.

I have made changes in how I interact with people from different cultures from how I did it before—more intentional and focused. I am also more intentional in mobilizing others for mission, to always point them back to God’s heart and purpose of reaching the nations. 

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