Revitalizing A Mobilization Movement In Japan

In 1999, Kairos, then known as the Condensed World Mission Course, made its way to Japan. Led by Ian Calo (a former SMI Staff) and Joe Graham (pastor and author), the first Kairos course was conducted in the Jesus Family Church. The Jesus Family Church was already missional, but the course fuelled their missional vision and contributed to their outreach to the Koti, which has been documented in the ‘Island Flame’ video.

The absence of full-time mobilizers to promote a vision for mobilization has meant that it has been particularly challenging to gain traction in the Japanese context where individuals work six long days a week. Despite the faithfulness of some key individuals, a national team never emerged. But one extraordinary Japanese lady, Yoshie, caught the vision and translated the Kairos course into Japanese.

Fast forward to early 2020, a New Nation Coordination Team (NNCT) was formed with a mission to see a SM national team emerge in Japan. Led by Jay Ryu, NC of SM South Korea, the team consists of five members from five different parts of the world, including Yoshie. The NNCT started by working alongside long-term missionaries who had established relationships with individuals and churches in Japan. This January, they had the opportunity to meet in person, along with some guests like Elder Fukui, who played a pivotal role in SM’s history in Japan.


The NNCT went through the new Franchise Training, and all members confirmed their desire to see all God’s people living a life on mission with Him. The team agreed to adopt SM’s three-pronged foci: conducting mobilization courses, programs and training to mobilize all God’s people, encouraging the development of missional churches, and empowering mobilizers to function effectively in their God-given ministry.

Plans are now underway to translate The Unfinished Story (TUS), and the TUS for Youth when it becomes available, into Japanese and to conduct two workshops beyond regular courses and trainings to upskill mobilizers, grow their calling, and build teams in Japan.

The team is optimistic and believes that God will bless Japan and bring revival in His time and way. They are grateful for the opportunity to serve and play a role in revitalizing a mobilization movement in Japan.

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