Should Mobilizers be ‘Full-time’?

Should Mobilizers be ‘Full-time’?

The rediscovery of the vital ministry expression of ‘prophetic mobilization’, is undoubtedly one of the most significant kingdom discoveries of our time!  This will prove to be the catalyst for a significant upsurge in the participation by the Body of Christ in the world Christian movement.

The greatest need of the moment therefore is the identification, equipping and releasing of prophetic mobilizers into their ministry. We must grow the ‘tribe’!

As other ‘tribe’ expressions such as pastors, apostles (missionaries) teachers and evangelists have discovered, expressing their ministry in a full-time capacity has huge advantages.

These ministries are designed by God for ministry to the Church to prepare God’s people to do the ministry of the Church (Eph 4:11-12)!

Jesus, of course, modeled all aspects of ministry as an example for us to follow! (in His day, He was the body of Christ. Today, we, in our various ministries, are collectively the body of Christ).

Jesus’ Example
There came a time in Jesus’ life that His ministry demanded He leave His carpentry profession and engage ‘full-time’ in ministry. He demanded the same from His disciples that he had designated as apostle (Mt 19:16-22).

Interestingly, a news report from a cable news channel dismissed the ‘so-called’ benefits of multitasking – often attributed to people of exceptional ability. The report concluded that multitasking done by whoever is never as effective as a single focus on one task!

Graduates of the 1st Kairos course in Ghana which Ebenezer organized with a team.

The Early Church Followed Jesus’ Example
The early Church continued this model for those set apart for ministry to the Church (Gal 6:6, 1Ti 5:17-18, 1Co 9: 3-10, 3 Jn 5-8).

In every generation, there are those whom God has called to ‘leave their nets’ to follow Him! In fact, when those whom God calls to ‘leave their nets’, are prevented from doing so, due to income concerns, the work of God falls into decline (Neh 13:10-12).

Ebenezer Aryee, is one of our ‘firstfruits’ – a pioneer in full-time SM mobilizing! May this tribe grow and blossom! Pioneers, of course, have the hardest task but get the greatest rewards!

Please pray for Ebenezer and his family. Pray also for this challenging path that he and his family are now walking! Please support them in prayer and even pray about becoming part of their support team.

by Max Chismon