Simply Mobilizing Europe Unites in Helsinki

Last May 10-12, SM Europe gathered in the vibrant city of Helsinki, Finland, for an impactful three-day event. With over sixty participants representing twenty countries and spanning five generations, the conference aimed to strengthen the tribe of mobilizers through relationships and networking.

The gathering was not just a meeting but a pivotal moment for growth and collaboration. Participants delved into discussions on how to build a robust mobilization movement and the most effective strategies to engage Generations Z and Alpha. The primary goal was for each attendee to leave with actionable steps for their personal and country mobilization journeys.

The Global Regional Team hosted the event, featuring special guests Geof & Marion Gunton and Caleb & Noemi Marques, whose insights added depth to the discussions. Various course and mobilizer stories from Finland, Slovakia, Sweden and Italy plus new country reports from Albania, Kosovo and Italy inspired many participants. A video message from Linda Harding, former Regional Coordinator for Europe, added a prophetic dimension to the whole event.

In conclusion, many were encouraged to see how “mobilization is working around the world” and “the scope of countries working together”. We left motivated to have more passion by increasing our vision and to focus our efforts to mobilize the younger generation.

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