Simply Mobilizing Launches Interface and Kairos in Belize

Recently, the ministry of Simply Mobilizing marked a significant milestone in Belize with the launch of two SM products – Interface in Spanish and Kairos in English. This exciting development saw enthusiastic participation and highlighted the growing mobilization movement in this culturally rich nation.

The Interface seminar, held in Dangriga on June 22, gathered 11 participants, while the Kairos course took place among the Garinagu (Garifuna) people in Hopkins, Belize. The Kairos course ran during evenings and concluded with a weekend session from June 23-31, engaging 10 participants. Both products were pivotal in awakening local believers to their role in God’s mission.

The success of these products was made possible through the collaborative efforts of various individuals and organizations. Belize New Nations Coordination Team (NNCT) members Austin Zuercher from Honduras and Nicolás Matus from Mexico played crucial roles. Partnerships were formed with Byron Boch, the director of COMIBAL (Missions Cooperation of Belize), for the Interface seminar. Additionally, Sara, a young Belizean mobilizer who took Kairos in Costa Rica and is preparing for a missionary journey to West Africa, hosted the Kairos course in her church. Renata, a facilitator from the US and a missionary in Belize, along with Cristiana, a facilitator from Honduras, also contributed significantly to the success of these products.


The main highlights of these products were the powerful testimonies that emerged, emphasizing the Kairos timing of this initiative. Austin, the New Nations Coordinator (NNC), expressed that although they had faced delays in starting, it was clear that this was the perfect time for the products to take place in Belize. The synergy between Interface and Kairos was evident, as both products effectively awakened local believers to God’s global mission and their part in it.

Participants shared inspiring feedback, with one noting, “Kairos gave me a perspective of what God wants me to do in life,” while another realized, “The Abrahamic Blessing is repeated in the Great Commission!” The products opened eyes to the concept of people blindness, and the Interface seminar renewed pastors’ understanding of their role in God’s mission. One pastor commented, “Interface is a super useful tool for me as a pastor and it renewed my understanding in the mission of God.”

Despite being a small country with a population of 405,000, Belize’s cultural diversity presents vast mobilization and mission potential. The bilingual nature of the NNCT team offers opportunities to conduct products in both Spanish and English, as well as using SM’s youth mobilization products. The future looks promising as our SM teams in this country continue to inspire and equip Belizeans for God’s mission.


Looking Ahead

The launch of Simply Mobilizing in Belize through the Interface and Kairos products has sparked a newfound passion for global missions and mobilization within the local communities. The collaborative efforts and positive feedback underscore the significant impact of these products. As Belize’s diverse population continues to engage with these transformative initiatives, there is great anticipation for the further expansion of mobilization efforts. Simply Mobilizing is poised to empower more Belizeans, fostering a greater understanding of their role in God’s global mission and driving forward the vision of a united, mission-focused future.

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