SM Launch in Georgia

Just 5 months ago we had the wonderful SM conference in Thailand. This was an amazing opportunity to network with the SM family worldwide. One such “networking” conversation happened over a tea break, which resulted in us forming a team to launch SM in Georgia. It was really special to work together with Facilitators from the US, Canada, Latin America and Eurasia. We presented a Kairos course in Tbilisi in November 2023 and the impact was phenomenal.

We had together a group of 27 pastors and key ministry leaders. They were deeply impacted and at the end of the course they testified of how God gave them vision to reach the unreached in Georgia and in Central Asia. Several shared with tears that they are overwhelmed by this discovery of a truth that was hidden to them for so many years – the centrality of God’s mission in the Bible and the need for every believer to live a life on mission with God. We really saw hearts and worldviews being changed dramatically in this one-week intensive course.


We connected so well with the different church leaders in the course, and a strong relationship was forged during this week. We know it was because it was God’s time – the right people, at the right place at the right time! It was an intense week of sharing deep heartfelt experiences!

Immediately after the course we discussed a plan for the Georgian translation of Kairos course. They also heard about all the other SM products and asked us to please present a TUSFY for their English group of MK’s (missionary kids), before we leave Georgia. And what an amazing course we had! The newly trained Kairos Facilitators immediately joined us for the TUSFY and did a great job in helping with the organization and set up – and were also participants in the TUSFY. A month later we ran the TUSFY PFT online for a group of 7 facilitators. 3 of these 17 year old facilitators are so passionate to mobilize their generation. It was really special to see these young people catch the vision for living a life on mission with God, and gaining new understanding of what their parents and they were called to.

This past month we finalised the translation plan with the Georgian team and two weeks ago signed the translation agreement. The team hopes that we could maybe present the first Kairos course in the Georgian language at the end of this year, or early next year. Please pray with us for this translation project.


In this last month we also ran a TUS course online for a small group and trained them as TUS Coordinators. The team is now also discussing a translation plan for TUS and TUSFY. It was truly an incredible blessing and joy for us to see and experience this launch of an amazing mission and mobilization movement in Georgia! God is at work in this place!

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