Twelve months ago, my family stepped foot in SE Asia to explore what God had in store for us. We arrived not fully knowing what lay ahead, but trusting in His promises; confident of His love for us and for the nations.

Our focus is the Raja diaspora, a stateless least reached muslim people group from Myanmar. People are fleeing their homeland for fear of persecution, seeking refuge in neighbouring countries.

In our first year we explored opportunities, studied the language of our host country and befriended Raja we met at English classes. We have recently started to try and learn their heart language.

What led us to move 6,500 thousand miles with a 2½ year old and 4-month old baby?

After completing the Kairos course in 2003, my life was left turned upside-down and inside out. I didn’t know how things would change, but I knew there was a reorientation taking place.

The following years saw me train as a Head Facilitator, join the National Team, and leave the corporate world to work with a mission agency. None of this was in my 10-year post-university plan, but I had total peace as I ’went ahead as far as I could see’.

Kairos was a pivotal part of my journey to the nations. The reorientation was to see how my life fitted into His plan for this world, rather than the other way around. Before moving overseas I was involved for a number of years with mobilising people to connect with migrants in Europe.

For my wife and I, it has been a journey of seeking God and exploring how we can serve Him in His redemptive plan for the nations. We continue to try and follow Abraham’s example of taking one faith-filled step at a time, trusting in God’s eternal promises.

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