Explaining SM Part 2 Session 1


This first session looks at the Biblical basis for prophetic mobilization and how God has used this ministry, both in the Old and New Testaments, to move his mission agenda forward. We also look at the critical need for the ministry of prophetic mobilizing at this time, as we enter this new age of globalization and the final frontiers of the world Christian movement.

Note: You can turn on the subtitles on the video.


  • Hi. I just completed the Kairos course yesterday, at Fellowship of the Emirates in Dubai, UAE. My heart burns until now.
    May the Lord revive us all, His Church, so we would all be awakened, empowered and mobilized to go and make disciples of all nations.

    • Thanks Raymund! Yes, indeed paradigm shifting. I think we need to ask the question, “Why is not every believer enthusiastically engaged with God on mission?” Only paradigm shifting will change this for the better!

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