Mentoring and Releasing Full-time Mobilizers


Eighteen years ago, I believe God called me to be a mobilizer of mobilizers! I love to walk alongside those who are embracing the ministry of mobilizing as a calling from God, to affirm them and encourage them when they feel isolated or misunderstood – and remind them of the impact of anointed mobilization to see every believer engage in mission with God – among all peoples wherever they are.

It’s exciting to mentor mobilizers, but the process from embracing the calling to stepping out in faith takes time. I see that connecting in a community (or tribe) of mobilizers and having training and support in partnership development are essential parts of this process.  I am currently involved with specific 1:1 mentoring of more than 5 mobilizers who are pursuing this calling – and it is not an easy journey for them! I am so happy to be there to encourage them to keep going.

Ebenezer Aryee is one of these mobilizers. It has been an incredible joy and privilege for me to walk with Ebenezer for the last few years. From the first time he and his wife Celia facilitated a Kairos course with me, I could see his passion, his gifting and determination to pursue this calling. Over recent years I have seen the fruit of his ministry as he successfully introduced and established Simply Mobilizing and trained a team of mobilizers in Ghana and is now reproducing the same in several West and North African countries, and starting among African diaspora churches in the UK.

Ebenezer has faithfully done this while working full-time as a nurse manager – and he and his family have graciously embraced many sacrifices for Ebenezer to engage in mobilization, and travel extensively in Africa and in the UK.  The fruitfulness of his ministry can be seen in the growth of Simply Mobilizing teams and mobilizers. I thank God for this dedication.

Linda, a mobilizer of mobilizers, endorses Ebenezer as a full-time mobilizer.

To really fulfill his vision to see effective mobilization of all believers and churches among African nations and the African diaspora in Europe will need more time. It has been a privilege then to talk through steps to bring Ebenezer and Celia to the place of stepping out towards the call and desire to position himself as a full-time mobilizer. To work towards this, Ebenezer pursued studies to be ordained as a Mobilizer within the Assemblies of God. He has resigned his full-time paid job, a step that Ebenezer and Celia have prepared for and fully discussed with their pastor and with me, and believing God to provide for them and their two girls. This decision has not been taken lightly and only after many years of prayer.

I see God giving Ebenezer incredible favour among many significant leaders and churches – in the UK and West Africa. He is highly respected as a networker, a mobilizer and a leader. He brings many years of health service management into this new season, along with a strong sense of calling and a proven track record of mobilization.

I enthusiastically endorse Ebenezer as a full-time mobilizer worthy of your partnership.  I count it an honour to have been part of his ordination and appointment as full-time mobilizer in the Assemblies of God in the UK – and look forward to seeing him fully supported to grow into an even greater sphere of influence, and to see many mobilizers follow his lead in churches in Africa and in African and other diaspora churches in the UK and in mainland Europe. Ebenezer and Celia, with Amma and Yaa, certainly live their lives with a gratitude and humble appreciation of God’s grace and His heart for all nations at the centre!

I am privileged to count them as friends and fellow mobilizers and to be part of Ebenezer’s support team. I am committed to continue to walk with them as they pursue this call and in their walk of faith. I believe those with the integrity and humility of Ebenezer are forerunners of new generations of mobilizers who will follow in his footsteps – and I want to be in the cheering team as we call the people of God in all nations to engage in this mission movement!

by Linda Harding


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