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The New Testament marked the beginning of the world Christian movement. It also marked the beginning of the age of ‘the ministry of all believers’! To miss this connection is to miss the plot entirely! The Old Testament saw select ministries such as prophets, priests and kings, endowed with the Holy Spirit to carry out […]

Where are we now heading?    We have been looking at the ‘world Christian movement: From my first post I have been attempting to lay a strong Biblical foundation. It is important that we see the world Christian movement as being rooted in Scripture both Old and New Testaments. I have also been wanting us […]

When we look for reasons for the amazing growth of the early church, especially as recorded in the Book of Acts, the work of the Holy Spirit and the cooperation of the early Church, with the Holy Spirit, stand out as the key factors.  The ‘Age’ of the Holy Spirit  The ascension of Jesus marked the […]

In the first 300 years, Christianity went from a stable in Bethlehem to the Lateran Palace (the official residence of the Roman Emperor). This Palace was gifted to the Church by Emperor Constantine, who moved his headquarters to Constantinople. The positives of the Church gaining this ‘official recognition’ is debatable, but the fact remains that as […]

Just one more post on Luke before we move on to tracking the amazing advance of the world Christian movement – beyond Acts chapter 28!  I really do love this guy – I very much appreciate the fact that Luke wrote the Book of Acts. Luke, it seems, saw something of the wider, global scope of […]