Mission Today

Provoking reflection for purposeful mission in today's complex world

Have we come full circle? Do we find ourselves, today, in a mission context very similar to that of Paul and the early Church? Mission in Paul’s day was E1* and E2*. Cultural adaptation of the message was necessary, but learning a new language was not! The cities of the Roman world, such as Ephesus, […]

Scripture must be interpreted in the context of mission! Wow, quite a statement, and one that not all seminary professors might be comfortable with, nor most pastors, I would hasten to add! In fact, I would surmise that the vast majority of church leaders today, regardless of their field of leadership, would quite possibly find […]

The word ‘mission’ has been defined “both by theology and context. The context, for the past two hundred years, has been the ‘modern missionary movement’ that began, developed and grew during the Colonial period of world history. This period has shaped much of the way we have interpreted biblical passages that speak of the ‘mission […]

Personally, I have never believed the second coming of Christ depended on the arrival of a fixed date. That is not to say that God, in His infinite knowledge, doesn’t know the exact day when Jesus will return (Ac 1:7). THAT DAY, I believe, is determined far more by the fulfillment of God’s purposes than […]

Who really benefits from the world Christian movement? Well, of course the unreached and the unsaved do! They get the chance to hear the ‘good news’, respond, and experience the fulfillment to their spiritual search both as a ‘people’ and as a person!  But have you ever wondered why God entrusted the Great Commission to […]