Mobilization Today

Exploring Issues on the Mobilization of the Church into Mission

As God writes the final chapter of human history before Christ’s return, do you sense that God is getting ready for an amazing harvest? Many of us have been inspired by Edwin Orr’s video ‘The Role of Prayer in Spiritual Awakenings’. I particularly love the story of young Evan Roberts asking his Bible College principal […]

This ‘age’ is as much about the perfecting of the Church as it is about making disciples of all nations! An idea, we Mobilizers, often neglect at our peril! These two great themes run like parallel tracks throughout scripture! God taking out of the world a people for His name (Ac 15: 13-18) and God perfecting […]

Mobilization is a journey, not an event.   Seminars, courses and other mobilization programs are the events. The journey into active and fruitful participation in the world Christian movement is a journey that demands many ‘events’  and a lot of personal processing of what these events provide, in the form of new information and challenges. […]

Never before in mission history has the world existed as it does today – never before have the opportunities for harvest been so favorable, and never before has the need for mobilization been so urgent! Through the amazing efforts of the missionaries laboring in the first and second eras of the modern missionary movement (1792 – […]

The world Christian movement is my term of choice to describe God’s agenda for this age and therefore the Church’s all consuming occupation on planet earth!  World means it is a global, Christian means it is all to do with Christ’s Kingdom and movement refers to the spread and advance of Christ’s Kingdom in ever widening circles to […]