Mobilization Today

Exploring Issues on the Mobilization of the Church into Mission

The world Christian movement is my term of choice to describe God’s agenda for this age and therefore the Church’s all consuming occupation on planet earth!  World means it is a global, Christian means it is all to do with Christ’s Kingdom and movement refers to the spread and advance of Christ’s Kingdom in ever widening circles to […]

Peter Wagner points out that the main verb in the Great Commission is ‘make disciples’ (Mt 28:18-20). However the first verb to appear in the Great Commission is ‘GO! Making disciples, of all nations, for sure, is not possible without the ‘going’. For apostles/ charged with taking the gospel to regions beyond/ this is never […]

MOBILIZATION’ is the most helpful term to describe the ministry of the prophet in both Old and New Testaments. Over the past months I have been writing on the subject of  ‘The Ministry of Mobilization.’  I have endeavored to explain, as clearly as I could, the biblical, historical and current significance of this ministry – how God used […]

Paul is very clear – Jesus Christ is the foundation upon which the Church is built (1Co 3:11). He elaborates further, however, when writing to the Ephesian believers and explains that Jesus is the chief cornerstone, and apostles and prophets are included in forming that all important foundation upon which the Church is built (Eph […]

One of the many things Mobilizers have in common with each other is the unshakeable belief that the time for God’s people to be actively engaged in the world Christian movement is NOW! Jesus was emphatic in his declaration that the time is NOW. “Do you not say, ‘Four months more and then the harvest’? […]