Mobilization Today

Exploring Issues on the Mobilization of the Church into Mission

As Mobilizers we need to be clear on our message – and make adjustments where necessary! We are mobilizing for the active participation of all believers in the world Christian movement. The world Christian movement, in its simplest form, as I see it, is “the whole Church involved in the presentation of the gospel of […]

It is interesting to note however that God promised to restore the tribes of Israel (Ez 20:34), a promise repeated on numerous occasions throughout the Old Testament (Zep 3:20). In the 8th Century BC the ten northern tribes of Israel were conquered by the Assyrians and taken into exile. Two hundred years later a similar fate […]

No, I’m not saying that works saves us – only grace can do that. (Eph 2:8) Works, however, is what we are saved for.  In fact, these precious works have been prepared in advance for us to do! (Eph 2:2-10) These ‘works’ relate directly or indirectly to the completion of the Great Commission – this commission must […]

This age is as much about the perfecting of the Church as it is about making disciples of all nations! An idea we, Mobilizers, often neglect at our peril! These two great themes run like parallel tracks throughout scripture! God taking out of the world a people for His name (Ac 15: 13-18) and God […]

How do we equate ‘success’ in mission mobilization? Well, I think for most of us, it is what we have managed to get people to do for mission that would determine success. I would like to suggest that this is far below what a true mobilizer/prophet is ‘called’ to do! The best example of a […]