SM Eurasia Conference: Significant Event with Far-Reaching Fruit in the Future

SM Eurasia Conference: Significant Event with Far-Reaching Fruit in the Future

The first Simply Mobilizing (SM) Conference was held in the Eurasia region last February with 80 SM mobilizers in attendance from seven countries which included Belarus, Latvia, Mongolia, Russia and Ukraine.

After years of Western mission endeavors in the Eurasia region, this gathering was a dream come true as we see the Eurasia nations starting to participate with God on mission. Eurasia now has some of the most vibrant churches in the world and is already sending missionaries out across the globe. The Eurasia Church is also being mobilized to engage on mission with God with people He has brought to their doorstep.

First Day – History of the Movement in Eurasia

On the first day of the conference, we spent some time looking at the history of the movement in Eurasia. Many people were encouraged to see how the ministry has developed and grown and how they have each played a role to see the Church in Eurasia arise. The SM movement in Eurasia started when the first Russian language Kairos was conducted in Russia and in Ukraine at the beginning of 2010. Over the past 8 years, almost 4000 people representing about 600 churches in the Eurasia region have done the Kairos course

Second Day – Mobi 101 Seminar

The Mobi 101 seminar was held on the second day of the conference and was a highlight for many. There was such a deep impact that every believer should be mobilized to participate with God on mission if we want to see the bride prepared for the coming of the Lord and the completion of the task of the Great Commission in our generation. Most of the Mobi 101 participants received a new or deepened understanding of their task and responsibility as mobilizers. Some of them shared how God gave them clarity on the next steps they needed to take to be more effective in their role and to enlarge their mobilizing activities to every segment of the Church.

Third Day – Introduction of SM Products

On the third day of the conference, we had the introduction of all the newly translated Russian material of the SM products. The Russian translation of the Youth Kairos course has been completed and it is now running in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. The Russian translations of Crossing Cultures and The Unfinished Story are almost completed and will be released by October 2018. The SM mobilizers were greatly encouraged with so many new products that are now available in the Russian language. Several other translation projects are also in the works for the other languages. All the teams were encouraged and inspired to put more effort into their translation projects, since the products are great tools to help us to be more effective in our mobilization efforts in the church in Eurasia.

The Empowered to Influence (ETI) procedural training was also held at the conference to equip all the National Coordination teams to start running ETI in their countries. Key young people also had sessions where they strategized and discussed the Youth Mobilization movement.

Last Day – Prayer, Praise and Ministry Time

The last day at the conference was a great highlight with a wonderful time of prayer and ministry. The different country teams prayed for one another and encouraged one another. Such a bonding took place and we saw a unification of hearts in a way only God could do. We thanked God for what He has done, and we have been encouraged to see His kingdom come and advance in Eurasia, through Eurasia.

The SM Eurasia conference was an amazing experience for us, to see how the teams from the different countries connected with one another and strategized together for further development of the mobilization movement in the region. Significant relationships were built and deepened, and it was truly the launch of a new era for the mobilization movement in Eurasia. Many of the participants at the conference testified that the event was for them a deep confirmation of their call as mobilizers. It was a significant event for our region and we believe it will produce far-reaching fruit in the years to come.

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